About Us

The Journey..

Our team have over 25 years of experience working in the industry as event professionals. From fields to beaches, conferences, clubs and everything in between; there’s really nowhere we haven’t ventured.

Managing production and logistics for some of the UK’s largest events, it’s fair to say we’ve seen our share of meal tickets and drinks tokens. We know first hand the exhaustive time and effort that goes into organising all of these, as well as all the other vouchers for discounts, special permissions freebies…the list goes on!

We wanted to create a solution to the excessive time and resource spent on creating and organising event tickets; incorporating customisation, design and data management, that’s exactly what we did!

How we got there…

Having pioneered Grub Stub, the first ever electronic meal management solution, we have already begun to bring the production office into the digital age. Following Grub Stub’s successes, one thing became clear to us; there was an obvious gap between digital meal ticketing, and physical tokens that cater for various elements of event management. Using insights from Grub Stub, we remodelled our approach to data management to bridge that gap, creating n simple online system that serves events and businesses alike.

It takes such a great deal of time and manpower to organise, count and manage tickets for everything that the crew and others are entitled to, and so often they’re all identical tickets so it’s impossible to do any analysis to enable us to tackle wastage or refine our ordering – MD, Lou Fitzpatrick


What we achieved…

Offering a single platform to create tickets and allocate them to teams, individuals, or groups, we have developed the only event management tool that turns data into bespoke and serialised tickets, and delivers them ready to distribute.

Post-event redemption data can be input and stored, collecting valuable insights that enable continuous improvements to budgeting, ordering and planning.The time saved by using Little Tickets has had a huge impact on the way we run our own events, so we’re delighted to now be sharing the experience with the events world and beyond.

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