How is Little Tickets Free?

We’re event professionals ourselves, and we love our jobs! Which is why it’s difficult to see our clever colleagues or budding interns cutting up or counting tickets or tokens. Can you picture it? Hundreds and thousands of meal tickets and vouchers in a busy and demanding event production environment.

So we wanted to introduce a better and more fit-for-purpose solution. A way of recording allocations, requests, and all the other entitlements for teams, contractors, artists, groups, as well as individuals. What we required was a user-friendly, searchable system, that was intuitive, and provided useful data and flexibility. 

Thinking viably, we all have access to spreadsheets free of charge. We also all know too well that additional spend from an event budget is not usually forthcoming.  So, to ensure the system could be accessible to all we decided to offer the Little Ticket system free to use, with no catches, or hidden costs, no surprise payments or third party mailing lists. A genuinely free and simple event management tool, that will no doubt revolutionise the way we all work in the event production world.