How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Printing for your Event

In today’s world it is so important to consider our impact on the beautiful planet on which we live. Both on a personal level, and in the work that we do. When running events we always try to think about how best to work sustainably and avoid the throw-away culture.

Nevertheless, some aspects of event management inevitably involve elements of waste. Examples include drinks tokens and meals tickets. That’s why the Little Tickets team wants to ensure we are balancing the impact of printing your voucher needs. As a result we are pleased to announce we have opted in to the Carbon Scheme by The Woodland Trust.

“Not all printing has to have a negative impact on our environment. The printing of Little Tickets is now carbon offset through The Woodland Trust’s Carbon Scheme. So, you can print all of your tickets, tokens and vouchers guilt-free!” – Business Manager, Amii Little.

The Woodland Trust offers a great scheme which offsets the carbon footprint of individuals or companies, by planting trees across the UK. As nature’s most effective way off cooling the planet, increasing woodland can help reduce our impact on global warming; as well as providing more areas of natural beauty for wildlife and humans alike!

 Find out more about how the scheme works, and see how you can get involved at