Feeling Festival!

The sun is shining and we’re all craving some outdoor fun after what feels like a very long winter. Whilst we work with a variety of events and promoters, it’s this time of year that gets us really excited. Yes, the festival season is well underway!

You can feel the buzz as teams across the country are firing into life, filled with excitement about what will be taking over the fields across the summer months. 

It’s where it all started for us. With years of production office experience, Little Tickets was designed to ease the headache of creating and distributing meal tickets. It seemed impossible to believe that there wasn’t a better solution to cross referencing spreadsheets, printing, cutting, counting, sorting, counting again, distributing… Does this sound familiar?

One of the key skills of working in events is problem solving. Being all hands on deck is an instinct that everyone in the industry has. We need to get the job done and it’s not like the deadlines are flexible! So, we saw a problem and created a solution.

Get your meal tickets sorted

Picture the scene. You have lots of large teams to feed over festival build, show and break down. How hard can it be? But the reality is, it’s a very complex task. One that is often underestimated and, let’s be honest, left until quite late in the day!

Little Tickets is a free-to-use app that allows you to design unique meal tickets and assign them with a simple spreadsheet upload. We like to keep things simple. The app has a contingency calculator to help you plan for the unexpected. Pay for what you print and you will receive your tickets, counted, sorted and ready to distribute.

New greener printing options

Whilst Little Tickets are printed on sustainable stock, this year we have additional print options available. You can choose to print on 100% recycled stock or select our carbon balancing scheme. If you are interested in these options, please contact us. In addition, we no longer print header tickets for team under 10. Our header tickets are invaluable for sorting large teams, but for smaller teams we are reducing unnecessary printing. 

If you would like to find out more about how Little Tickets can help your festival, contact us.

We wish you all the best for a busy season and for the amazing events that will inspire and entertain lucky tickets holders across the summer.

Stretching the budget