Branding, Isn’t That Something the Marketing People Manage?

True, but everyone who works for an event has an impact on the brand and how it is conveyed to the world.

It doesn’t matter what size a company or event is, even the smallest of brands can convey big thinking with consistent and strong branding.

Brands that successfully portray a strong image are easily recognisable and understood. At a basic level, branding provides you with a consistent logo and guides you on agreed colours and fonts so you are visually recognisable.

Consistent branding is key

Branding is more than just a logo.

But branding runs much deeper than that. It directs use of language, how you communicate to your audience and talk about your event. It helps people connect with your brand, want to engage with you and be a part of your journey.

If people don’t understand you or resonate with you, they will forget you. With so many events, festivals and shows around it has never been more important to clearly communicate who you are.

And it’s not just about how you engage your target audience.

Don’t forget the all important staff, wider crew and artists. Everyone involved in putting on your event is a brand ambassador. So there is a fantastic opportunity to continue communicating your external messages to those closest to the event.

Whether it’s through appropriately branded t-shirts, lanyards, passes or meal tickets, there are lots of ways that you can increase brand recognition, and in turn strengthen it.

Often budget is a big hurdle to overcome, but Little Tickets allows you to design custom meal tickets, drinks vouchers, activity tokens and promotional cards. For free. Without the need for expensive designers. Simply upload your logo, select your brand colours or import an event image. You can create an endless list of tailored Little Tickets for crew, artists and delegates.

Building a successful brand does not happen overnight. But, by ensuring your brand is the essence of everything you do, you will certainly be on your way.

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