Event Wellbeing Week

We’re not sure if we’ve mentioned it(!) but we love working in the events industry. There is so much to enjoy about the work; it’s challenging, it’s rewarding and most of the time it’s an absolute ball.

But, like any job, it can have some tough and tiring days. That’s why campaigns such as Event Wellbeing Week are great to remind us to take care of ourselves, our friends and our colleagues.

Here’s some quick tips on how we do just that:

1. A ‘thank you’ goes a long way

We know what it’s like. Times can get pretty hectic, especially when the deadline is looming. But there is always time to say ‘thank you’, regardless of the size of the task. Not only will you feel good, the recipient will too.

2. Offer a helping hand

Sometimes things all run smoothly for you, but that might not be the case for other team members. If you see a colleague looking a little stressed offer a helping hand. A hot cuppa might be all it takes to help turn their day around.

3. Stay well fed

We all know that we need to be well watered and fed to perform to our best ability. Make sure you don’t skip meals and eat as well as you can. If you are unable to make it to the crew catering point arrange for a colleague to pick your meal up. Grub Stub’s Grub to Go feature is fantastic for this.

Avoid skipping meals and ensure any dietary requirements are logged

4. Take a break

Like anything, when you have been extremely busy for a period of time having the chance for a bit of R&R is invaluable before taking on the next challenge at full pace. It’s not always possible we know but try and squeeze in a bit of downtime or ask for help.

5. Smile

Positive results often come with a smile or a laugh, even when you’re saying no to endless, non-essential requests. Having a sense of humour through it all is good for the soul, good for team spirit and helps you build even more friendships along the way.

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