Event Management, What’s Not to Love?

Whilst some of us are taking the opportunity to get all mushy and publicly declare our love, we thought we would do the same. But not for someone special, for something special. Event management.

The Little Tickets team has over 25 years of experience in events, and our love for events is a good old fashioned love story. The industry wooed us, we embraced it and passion has resulted in some fantastic creations. There may have been some bumps along the way but all families have that, right?

So, we thought we share with you why we love working in events.


The people

You can’t deny it, the people in events are fabulous. Whether it’s a conference in Canada or a festival in Finland, you rely on the people you work with to make everything run as smoothly as possible. And when it doesn’t? You need to know you can rely on them to resolve whatever the disaster might be and breathe a sigh of relief together in the cafe or bar when it’s all over.

The excitement

We’re not going to lie, not every element of working in events is exciting. Counting thousands and thousands of meal tickets for example isn’t exactly exhilarating. But there are plenty of highlights. Deadlines are always looming to keep you on your toes and then there’s that moment when you secure your headline act. Pretty special! When the event is live, it’s all ‘go, go, go’, it’s exciting when it all goes right but sorting out a crisis can also be exciting in a good way.

The journey

When you start your event management career you often start small. Taking on the menial tasks that no one really wants to take on. We’ve all been there, but those talks are crucial building blocks for understanding how this business works. You need to know the nitty gritty so later on you understand the process, and how to fix it when things go wrong. Since we started working in events there have been significant changes, from the size of events to the technology available to make our lives easier, which makes it all very exciting indeed!

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