It’s (almost) never too late!

We’re super excited that the festival season is very much underway. It can be stressful when the pressure is on, it’s always busy with an additional helping of curve-balls, but all in all it’s fun, exciting and fulfilling.

Alongside the excitement comes the deadlines, which by now are coming in thick and fast. More often than not these deadlines all arrive together and and have very little wiggle room.

Organisation is key, we don’t need to tell you that. There are always bumps in the road or last minute tasks. When you have a hard deadline in place it’s time to focus and work out where many hands will lighten the workload and where they won’t.

So, how can you avoid the potholes to keep on track?

1. Plan your backup plan.

It’s never too late to have a backup plan. Plan B may come from those suppliers, artists and resources who didn’t quite make Plan A. Plans C, D and even E may have a quicker turnaround! Don’t forget about all of the well connected and resourceful people you know, there will be someone who can help or who knows someone else who can.

2. Choose responsive suppliers.

For tasks that cannot be completed with a big lead time, ensure you have done as much of the groundwork as possible. If you’re waiting on crew numbers you can use Little Tickets to easily design your meal tickets in advance and send to print as soon as your numbers are confirmed. You are encouraged to add contingency tickets for those inevitable on-site additions. And, as we work in events ourselves, we know how pushed for time you are so are turnaround times are swift too. Create your account here for FREE.

3. Keep smiling.

When time is tight there is no room for delay. Bringing out your stern ‘I mean business’ voice can be useful. However, the most productive and positive results come with a smile or a laugh. Even when you’re saying no to endless, non-essential requests. Smiling and having a sense of humour through it all is good for the soul and good for team spirit. Plus it helps you build even more friendships along the way.

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