Simple systems can transform tedious tasks. Are you missing out?

Let’s be honest, sometimes the vast amounts of new technology available at our fingertips can be a little overwhelming. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Not always.

Whilst carrying on with tried and tested methods may be reassuring, you’ll most certainly be missing opportunities to streamline tasks.

You don’t need to dive deep in to the digital world to make a big impact on operations. Utilising technology, even minimally, can provide a really efficient way of dealing with otherwise manual jobs. As well as helping raise morale for those usually laborious tasks.

Little Tickets provides event managers with a handy stepping stone. The system allows you to introduce change more gradually rather than taking on a complete technology package.

The free-to-use web-based app helps you manage the entire process of ticket and token creation, from design, to grouping, through to printing. It translates your vast spreadsheet of numbers into counted and sorted stacks of meal tickets. In turn, removing all of the on-site admin for cutting, counting and sorting tickets.

Whether it’s meal tickets, drinks tokens, shuttle bus tickets, discounts tokens for merchandise, vote cards, freebies or any other promotion, Little Tickets allows you to customise your designs to suit your needs. Simply approve and send to print for quick delivery.

You can input and store post-event redemption data to collect valuable insights that enable continuous improvements to budgeting, ordering and planning, year on year. The time saved by using Little Tickets has had a huge impact on the way we run our own events. So we’re delighted that we can share this experience with the events world and beyond.

If you are ready to embrace technology further, then why not visit our sister company Grub Stub. Utilising innovative technology designed by event professionals, Grub Stub offers automated meal management for events of all sizes. The electronic system tracks all of your meal data from planning, right through to post-event; replacing manual meal ticketing.

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